Smarter. Bolder. Faster.


When hiring an agent, you set your goals in our hands. Finding an agent that has experience in owning their product is essential.  Having someone behind you who has their own credit and finances in order, and taking key advice from an agent that holds integrity in their own actions should be key.  Brandy Eckroth, owns numerous properties both residential and commercial.  She has a FICO score of 849 to date, and an Experian score of 896 to date.  Through experience she guides you so you can rest assured you have and agent who is SMARTER on your side.


You want action, not sales talk.  An agent that is BOLDER in finding you a home, contacting even off market seller to find you what you’re looking for.  An agent that is BOLDER  in marketing your home bringing you buyers who are qualified and can compete. Look no further, Brandy Eckroth has the tools to make your goals happen. She is The Trusted Name in Real Estate.


Markets are moving and so should your agent, keeping pace with the newest loans available.  Your agent should know the latest market statistic, and product keeing you informed and ahead of the competition.  You deserve and agent that is faster at getting you into a position that makes your goals happen.

You owe it to yourself to interview Brandy Eckroth, one call will prove it all, why she is The Trusted Name in Real Estate.